Glossier Launches In the UK – My Favourite Picks So Far

Glossier is the brand everyone has been raving about. It launched in the UK on 9 October and I couldn’t resist placing an order. I’ve since placed one (ok two…) more orders and I wanted to share some of my favourites so far.

It would have been very hard not to notice that Glossier has been everywhere this year. Most people are truly obsessing over the brand, largely down to the Instagram perfect packaging. But I’ve also seen a lot of posts at the other end of the spectrum not understanding the hype. Glossier are clear that they are all about real life beauty. The focus is skincare, perfectly primed skin and a fresh, yet fun, take on beauty. If full glam is your thing then Glossier probably isn’t. What’s really surprised me about the brand so far is the things I thought I’d love I’ve been a meh towards and vice versa.

My first purchase was the Phase 1 set which contains the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturiser and Balm Dotcom. The Milky Jelly cleanser is everywhere and its bordering on cult status at this point. I wasn’t actually planning on purchasing this as it just didn’t appeal to me. I have a slight suspicion that as a lactose intolerant vegetarian this was purely down to the name. But I’m so glad I did! It leaves your skin incredibly smooth and soft feeling. It almost reminds me of how soft and silky conditioner leaves your hair, but gives the same feeling to your face.

No, it doesn’t remove makeup but that isn’t an issue for me. I wouldn’t expect any cleanser to remove all my makeup as well as cleaning my skin. For that reason I always double cleanse. The other thing worth mentioning is the added rose scent. I personally don’t really like anything rose scented but this really isn’t too overpowering so don’t be put off if scents aren’t your thing. This isn’t going to change your life of transform your skin, but its a great solid cleanser and I’m hooked.

Also in the Phase 1 set was the Balm Dotcom of which there are six flavours. I have Rose and Birthday Cake. This is a really lovely lip balm containing castor seed oil, beeswax and fruit extracts. I have severely dry lips because I’m on Roaccutane and this does a great job at keeping them hydrated. It’s not thick or sticky and its my go-to for work or a no-makeup day. If I had one niggle it would be that this doesn’t last as long as other lip balms before it wears off. But when it does wear off my lips do remain soft and don’t have that horrible dehydrated feeling some lip balms can leave.

Flavour wise Rose (left) is a translucent pink shade. Birthday cake (right) is probably my favourite. It’s un-tinted with a subtle shimmer and it smells and tastes (don’t judge) of icing. It does contain glitter but it’s very fine and the overall effect doesn’t look glittery. It’s much more of a subtle sheen which is so pretty.

Next up is the Priming Moisturiser. Because I have dry skin I really wasn’t holding out much for hope for this, but I really do love it. When you apply this to your skin it leaves that slight tacky feeling ready for your foundation to be applied on top. I’m undecided about whether this makes my makeup last as well as a primer but I genuinely don’t think I’ve noticed much of a difference in terms of longevity. What I also love is this can be used alone without makeup too. It really evens out your skin giving a very even, plump and glowy base.

My second order was the Phase 2 set as I was really keen to also try some of the makeup. I was definitely more excited for this order but sadly haven’t enjoyed the makeup picks as much as the skincare.

First up is Boy Brow. Everyone seems to love this but I just can’t get on with it. It is supposed to fill in, thicken and set your brows in place. The brush is really small which I thought would be great for precision. My first issue is way to much product comes out and you have to scrape it off the brush to prevent it going all over your brows. Secondly, I have naturally quite thick browns but this product just looks messy. It’s very pigmented and as you comb it through your brows it goes everywhere. It gives that overly filled in, powdery look and I just don’t like it. I’ll be sticking to my Benefit Gimme Brow.

The second product in the set is the Generation G, a diffused matte lipstick. I wasn’t sure about this as I don’t overly like matte products but it’s definitely a lot more creamy than I was expecting. Very similar to the Blotted Lips from Colourpop. I chose the colour Like, a light powdery pink, which is really pretty. I love wearing these over a light layer of lip balm for a more balm like texture, perfect if you have dry lips.

Lastly, the Phase 2 set contains the Stretch Concealer which I purchased in the shade light. It’s really difficult for me to comment on this product because the light shade is really too deep for my fair skin. I’ve found this works better under my eyes than on any blemishes or redness as the coverage is quite light it doesn’t really hide anything on the skin I would like or expect it to.

The final product I purchased is the Perfecting Skin Tint, definitely the marmite product from Glossier. People are either obsessed or just don’t see the point in it. The first thing to note is the difference between the shade light in the Perfecting Skin Tint and the Stretch Concealer, which I think is a massive error. I don’t understand how someone with fair skin is meant to use the skin tint with a much darker concealer.

The formula itself is very thin and you really need to shake the bottle before using as it can be quite watery. If I’m having a really good skin day then I love this, if not I just don’t reach it. Basically, you need to have near perfect skin to use this. Whilst it does even out your skin tone, it doesn’t cover any redness or blemishes. It leaves quite a glowy finish too so if you are more oily or prefer your matte formulas then you may not like this. I definitely want to pick this up in the medium shade to wear as a light base when I’m more tanned.



Glossier does have a warehouse in the UK so shipping doesn’t incur any customs fees. Standard shipping (2-4 days) is £4 and express shipping (1-2 days) is £6. Shipping over £25 is also free. The packaging is lovely and you do get one of the famous pink zip-lock bags with every order. The Phase 1 and 2 sets also come in a cardboard box. I do however wish there was an option to not include the additional box because I just don’t need more than one and it’s such a shame to just throw them away.

For me, Glossier’s skincare definitely trumps the makeup I’ve tried so far. I love the Phase 1 set, Perfecting Skin Tint (on a good skincare day) and the Generation G lipstick. Have you given into the Glossier hype yet? What are your favourite products?


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