Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3 – Worth The Money?

There have been so many new beauty launches in September and October than neither me (or my bank balance) can keep up. Hourglass powders have been on my beauty wishlist for the longest time. I swatch them every time I visit Space NK but the price has always put me off.

But as Autumn came around I decided to take the plunge with the third Ambient Lighting Edit – Volume 3. Admittedly my maths isn’t great, but I do appreciate £69 is considerably more than the £40 I’d been avoiding spending on just one of the powders. Aside from the obvious – the packaging is stunning – I couldn’t resist finally trying something from Hourglass.

This year Hourglass released two limited edition palettes for the holidays. The Ambient Lighting Edit and the Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette with three new highlighters. I didn’t purchase the Strobe Lighting Palette, mainly because I just don’t need anymore highlighters, and plumped for the Ambient Lighting Edit. I really just wanted to try all four of the powder formulas to see how they performed.

The Ambient Lighting Edit contains six powders in four different formulas. Two finishing powders, a highlighter, bronzer and two blush shades. What’s really lovely about this palette is that three of the six shades are new (the strobe light highlighter and the two blushes). There is nothing worse than a limited edition palette containing shades already available.

When the palette first arrived I remembered how small the Ambient Lighting Edits are. I winced slightly as I tuned the packaging over to see a £69 sales sticker for such a small palette. Each powder is only 1.4 grams and £69 for just over 8 grams of product is a bit crazy. To give that some context the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish only contains 0.4 grams less product, but at £33 its over half the price. But Hourglass are regarding for having the best powder formula available to buy and then does come at a price. So let’s get onto the formula…

The powders themselves are beautifully soft and creamy. They blend out incredibly evenly too. Even though I have a some dry patches they don’t make my skin look patchy or highlight any texture. The formula is honestly better than any other powder I’ve tried and I totally understand why these are Hourglass’s star product.

I was honestly most excited to try the finishing powders as I’ve been in a bit of a powder rut. My dry skin wants something a bit different and lighter for everyday. The two finishing powders (Diffused Light and Dim Light) smooth out your skin and give a very subtle glow. I’m quite fair and if I haven’t used any fake tan I use Diffused Light over the centre of my face. Then I use Dim Light over the hollows of my cheeks and forehead. It very lightly defines and adds dimension, but its much more subtle than a contour. So a bit more wearable for everyday. If you’re more of a medium skin tone then Dim Light would be more of a finishing powder to use all over.

Luminous Bronze Light is one of Hourglass’s permanent bronzers. As far as I can tell it’s the fairest of those bronzers which I did think was a little odd. I would have expected one of the slightly deeper shades to have been included to work with a wider range of skin tones. Because I’m fair this does work well for me and it has a beautiful soft shimmer which really illuminates the face. Matte bronzers can look quite flat whereas this really lifts your face. It is a little bit on the warm side and being completely honest I would have preferred something slightly cooler toned.

The strobe powder is one of the new highlighters or strobe powders as Hourglass like to call them. They can also be used wet if you prefer a more intense highlight. The shade included included is Hypnotic Strobe Light which is a very pretty pale champagne shade. It does have more shimmer than the other powders but its still not too much. It gives your skin more of luminous glow than a blinding highlight.

Lastly there are two new blush shades. Surreal Halo is a deep berry blush and Pure Effect is a bright petal pink. When I saw both of these in the palette I was a bit worried as they looked quite dark. Surreal Halo in particular looks very different on the skin than it does in the pan. Its actually a very wearable mauve shade which I was so pleased with as I love a mauve blush. Pure Effect is far much more pink and a lot brighter than I would normally wear but I can’t deny its a very pretty shade.

Obviously these powders do contain some shimmer and it goes without saying if you are really averse to glitter then you probably won’t like them. But the shimmer is very fine and the overall effect gives a lovely glow as opposed to looking glittery.

Overall I’m really glad I purchased this palette and that I finally own something from Hourglass. One thing I think is really worth noting is that these are finishing powders as opposed to setting powders. If you are oily they won’t keeping any oil and shine at bay throughout the day. You’d probably need to use a setting powder before going over the top with these to add that glow. Or expect to have to re-apply multiple times throughout the day. But given the price of these powders I’m not sure how you’d feel about that.

Would I purchase more from Hourglass? Definitely! I’d love a full size of the finishing powder in Diffused Light to pop in my makeup bag. That way I can keep this palette for travelling and special occasions. Have you tried the Ambient Lighting Edit?


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  1. 27th October 2017 / 5:03 am

    Such a pretty palette! But for some reason, I’d rather pick up singles. Only because I don’t really find myself reaching for palettes a whole lot. The powders in here look beautiful though.

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

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