Switching Up Your Skincare Routine For Winter

So autumn may have only officially begun a couple of weeks ago, but I’m already thinking about overhauling my skincare for winter. In the last week or so the temperatures have started to drop – thank god. I was so done getting off the tube in a sweaty mess everyday. My skin is already feeling it and I’ve noticed that tight itchy feeling creeping in during the afternoon. With that in mind I’d thought I’d share some of my favourite ways to keep skin hydrated throughout autumn and winter.


As a general rule its best to stick to a cream cleanser for the colder months. Gel and form formulas are a lot more drying and can strip the skin of the moisture it needs as temperatures drop outside. I will never not love the La Roche-Posay Toleriane cleanser because its just so gentle. Whenever my skin has that cold wind-beaten feeling this is one of those products that instantly soothes as well as cleanses.


Aside from dry skin being itchy and uncomfortable it can make applying your makeup a bit of a nightmare. Base products won’t apply as smoothly any texture might be more visible. If you struggle with large or blocked pores try to avoid exfoliators with very small beads as these can get trapped making the problem worse. I use the Vanity Planet Skin Spa with my regular cleanser to buff away any dead skin and leave my face feeling smooth. The synthetic head is really gentle and doesn’t feel scratchy as other bristle heads can. And if you have really sensitive skin don’t underestimate the power of gently buffing your skin with a flannel.


An oil or serum is a fantastic addition to your skincare routine all year round to add hydration and treat any specific concerns. But it becomes even more important towards the end of the year. If you have extremely dry skin an oil is key. I’ve really been enjoying The Ordinary’s Argan Oil because it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and its non-comodogenic (i.e. wont block your pores). Plus it costs less than £6. Enough said. If you’re more oily you may find an oil too heavy and could consider a hyaluronic acid or moisturising serum. Also from The Ordinary, the Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane give a wonderful moisture boost.


It might sound obvious but the easiest way to keep your skin looking plump and hydrated is to drink more water. When it’s cooler I’m definitely guilty of reaching for cosy hazelnut latte or a herbal tea instead of water. Keep a large bottle of water in your bag, on your desk, next to your bed and keep chugging away. You’re skin will really thank you.


Ok, so an SPF obviously isn’t winter specific. But its so easy to forget this step in winter when the sun isn’t shining. Just because it’s no longer warm outside doesn’t mean those UV rays can’t make their way through the clouds. And those are the ones that are gonna age the hell out of you, so skip this step at your peril. At home peels and acids are everywhere now, and whether you’re using a strong exfoliant or not it’s really important not to scrimp of your SPF just because its winter. The Clinique Super City Block SPF 40 is still my go-to. Its oil free, non-greasy and has a slight tint which is perfect for those no makeup days.


We’ve all been there with that particularly troublesome breakout. You start with the intention of just dabbing a couple of blemishes and before you know it your whole face is covered in spot treatment. Obviously, spot treatments work by drying out blemishes. But if you apply it to the non-inflamed skin around the spot and dry that out you can end up with texture and discolouration. When your skin is already dry dryer than normal it helps to just take a bit of extra care.


Masks are definitely a joy to use all year round and they’ve become somewhat of a weekend ritual for me. There’s nothing better than taking half an hour out of your day to really unwind and treat your skin. It’s definitely worth upping how often you use treatments like face masks to give your skin a much more intensive moisture hit. I really love the KEEOME hydration sheet mask and I’ve been trying to use it twice it week. As the name suggests it’s incredibly hydrating and it also gives your skin a lovely glow. For sensitive, red winter skin I always reach for the La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Masque. It’s soothing as well as hydrating and its a lovely mask to sleep and really reduce any dryness and redness overnight.

How are you overhauling your skincare for autumn winter?


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