6 Ways To Save Money On Beauty


In short, don’t buy something just because everyone is obsessing over it on Instagram. With so many influencers teasing new products they’ve received in PR its very easy to feel you need something you really don’t. FOMO is rough but try and think about whether you will really use a product and still reach for it after the hype dies down. With palettes this is pretty easy as if you own very similar shades already then there is literally no need too purchase the same shades.


Probably the most dreaded adult word; budget. We’ve all walked into Superdrug with the intention of getting some cotton wool and shower gel only to come out with two foundations, three highlighters and a mascara (whilst forgetting the cotton wool and shower gel of course). The amount of parcels I received in my previous job was a bit of a running joke. One day one of my colleagues forced me to sit down and add up exactly how much I had spent on ordering makeup and lunch time trips to Boots. It added up to hundreds and hundreds of pounds and I felt sick. I literally had nothing to show for it. It’s so easily done but factoring a beauty budget into your life can help your bank balance and prevent you ending up with hoards of makeup you don’t need.

Along with your regular spending budget try to factor in a (realistic) amount to spend on beauty. Keep a note of anything you want to try and new product launches. For example this month both the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk and the new Hourglass Ambient Light palette are launching in the UK so I’ve brought no other makeup with the intention that I can (hopefully) get both these palettes. Pick a few products from your wish list you will actually love and use and have a bit of a payday splurge. I find doing it this way also helps prevent me overspending for the rest of the month. It’s a bit like having an epic cheat day eating everything you want in one go and then wanting to get back on track and eat healthily afterwards.


If your skin colour varies throughout the year it can be a nightmare when it comes to foundation. Most of us can’t afford to buy multiple shades in every foundation we love. Shade adjusting drops are great and you can get white or bronze shades to lighten or darken your foundation. I’ve raved about the Nip + Fab foundations (you can read my review here) and they also have a lightener and darkener to mix in with your foundations. The formula has good coverage just like the foundations so it doesn’t dilute the base you want  to adjust. They’ve honestly saved me a fortune.


If you buy something and don’t really reach for it don’t just let it sit gathering dust. Make room for products you actually will use. eBay and Depop both allow you to sell makeup and you can usually make a decent bit of money in the process. eBay has stricter rules and only lets you list something as new and unopened (but from experience you can still make a sale as long as you are honest about the condition of the product in the description).


Ask to see any woman’s makeup bag and it will be pretty obvious that we carry way more makeup than we really need. As well as making your handbag that bit lighter multi-use products are also friendlier on your bank balance too. Mauve, pink and peach cream shades are perfect to use as both a blush and to add colour to the lips. I love the Becca Beach Tint’s for this. Bronzer is another great product and can be used to add definition to the eyes as well as warming up your skin. The Too Faced Chocolate Soleil is lovely as its neither too warm or to cool so works well for both eyes and skin.


If you’re willing to spend the time looking online there are some great deals to be found versus shopping on the high street. All Beauty is one of my favourite sites as you can get makeup, skincare and fragrance at discounted prices. I always pick up my beloved Armani Si perfume and Kerestase shampoo and conditioners from here. QVC also offers great discounts on high street prices as well as doing value sets and offering options to purchase in interest free instalments. Some of my favourite discounted QVC finds are the Becca x Chrissy Tegan Glow Face Palette, Tarte Shape Tape and Benefit Cheek Parade.

In an Instagram world of beauty excess I hope you’ve enjoyed this post – what are your top tips for saving money on Beauty?


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