An Autumn To-Do List

There’s is something about September and the arrival of autumn which feels like a bit of a January do-over. I’m concerned this has something to do with the fact I’m the wrong side of twenty and still not quite ready to let go of the student life and be a grown up. But In September I feel like New Years has rolled around again and its a chance to refocus and reignite that fire to achieve your goals.

In short, its my favourite time of year. With a fairly long stint off work I’ve set myself a few goals and things I want to achieve to make the most out of the latter part of the year.


Autumn is a great time of year to really organise your closet. Some people do this four times a year with every season but frankly I don’t the time (or the clothes). Luckily I haven’t brought too many summer pieces this year but I do love switching up my closet ready for the colder months. There are too many pieces things that I haven’t worn in so long and I’ve made endless excuses about why I need to keep them. It will look great if I loose ten pounds or I just need to get a new skirt/jacket/shoes to wear with it. But I want to be really strict. If I’ve not worn something in the last couple of months it’s going. Plus, the more the stuff that goes the more space there is for new pieces.


Summer is all about loose curls, braids and lazy beachy waves. After a lot of dry shampoo, salt spray and time in the sun your hair can look (and feel) a bit sad. I still get that back to school feeling in September and find a great haircut really sets me up for the autumn months. I like to go a bit shorter and love a slightly blunt cut against a bold red lip.


Anyone else start the year with the best intentions, all of which have now pretty much gone to shit? In January I was all this will be the year I loose three stone and summer bodies are made in the winter. Predictably, it’s not quite happened. I haven’t been away properly this summer and I think maybe not having a goal to work towards has meant I’ve been slightly lacking in motivation. But as the mornings get darker and colder I really don’t want to use it as an excuse to slack off in the gym department. I’m going to join a gym closer to home so I can’t run out of time to go. I also really want to try a class to make things a bit more fun.


With trips away and a lot of internet shopping my house is looking so cluttered. Nothing has quite made it’s way back to its proper place and I’ve got boxes everywhere from ordering way too many pieces for the new season. I’d love to be one of those incredibly tidy organised people… but I’m just not. And when my home isn’t organised I find it so hard to properly relax and enjoy it. I really just want to get everywhere properly organised, get rid of anything I don’t need and make space for some beautiful autumn home wear.

Do you have any autumn goals?


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