Sheet Masks for Acne Prone Skin

All of a sudden sheet masks were everywhere. A serum soaked product used for over a decade in South Korea has found its way into skincare routines worldwide. Sheet masks essentially provide a barrier over your skin preventing the ingredients from evaporating meaning they are excellent for adding moisture and hydration. So if you have problem skin you’d be forgiven for thinking they were something you’d sadly have to pass on. Luckily they aren’t just for those with normal skin. There are some great masks which work wonders for blemishes, oil and redness. I love trawling through Korean skincare websites looking for new masks to try. And we can all agree there’s nothing better than taking fifteen minutes out of your day to relax with a mask. Used regularly some sheet masks can really help with acne and I’ve included some of my tried and tested favourites below.

Clearing Solution, Dr Jart

This claims to soothe the skin whilst controlling blemishes and uneven skin tone. It contains salicylic acid and tea tree oil. Tea tree will unblock your sebaceous glands (the ones that produce oil) and dry out any blemishes and salicylic acid will unclog pores. It also contains glutathione, an important antioxidant which helps fight blemishes, dark spots and pigmentation. I’ve found that reducing the amount of oil in my skin is key to keeping blemishes at bay and this mask is great for that.

The morning after using this my skin is a lot less shiny and the pimples on my face dramatically reduce in size. This is probably the most potent of the bunch and I see it more as a long term treatment and addition to my skincare routine. I use this mask once a week and feel it really helps to tackle my blemishes. Get it here.

AC Clean Up Sheet Mask, Etude House 

This mask is really thick due to the fact its made from bamboo fibres as opposed to thinner papers and fibres. It has some great ingredients such as tea tree oil and salicylic acid (already mentioned for their amazing spot fighting properties) and raspberry ketones.  Raspberry ketones lower the insulin in your bloodstream causing your sebaceous glands to be less active. The overall effect being less oily skin which, over time, should lead to less blemishes.

I didn’t notice any immediate effect after using this mask but the next morning my larger spots, including some very painful cystic acne on my jawline had shrunk in size. And, some of my smaller blemishes had all but vanished. It’s important not to waste any of the product in your sheet mask but because this one is thicker than most it will retain more product. Once your done, squeeze the excess out of the masks before applying over your face. Allow it to sink in before following with your regular moisturiser and other skincare. Get it here.

Luminous Youth Sheet Mask, Boots 

So this mask is meant to improve skin tone and texture as opposed to treating acne. I actually picked it up to see what it could with those mid twenties lines that have started appearing and whether it could firm up my skin. My face definitely felt tighter after using this but what really surprised me was the redness in my face reduced immediately, with even better results the next morning. I didn’t need to use a colour correcter the next day as I normally would as there were fewer blemishes to conceal.

I was so impressed but then discovered the reduction is blemishes and redness was down to one of the main ingredients, Safflower. Safflower contains linoleic acid and when this combines with sebum it actually helps unclog pores and reduce redness. Therefore, it also helps to improve acne. I love products that tackle both ageing and blemishes and given this is so easy to pick up in Boots it’s become one of my favourites. Use before a special event or on a Sunday evening to pep up your skin before a busy week ahead. Get it here.

After Hard Study Sheet Mask, Holika Holika

I was intrigued to try this mask as some of my worst and most persistent breakouts have been stress induced during exams. The packaging is really quirky and Holika Holika also make masks for before an interview, first date and after a night out. The after study mask is a clearing mask to soothe sensitive skin with green tea, calendula and witch hazel. I love the inclusion of calendula in the mask in particular as it kills the bacteria which causes acne so I feel like its tackling the root cause of the problem as opposed to being just a tropical treatment. Get it here.

If you’d like to try any of of these, or any other sheet masks, Korean Kosmetics, Mask House, P2BUS and Amazon are great websites to try. What are some of your favourite masks?


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